Heylen vastgoed HYC

Herentals Ijshockey Club

Onze 2de import dit jaar wordt de 23-jarige Canadees Ethan Skinner.

Ethan was een ploegmaat van Brennan Feasey aan de University of Windsor waar ze gedurende 2 seizoenen samenspeelden.
Hieronder stelt hij zichzelf even voor.
Wij wensen hem alvast veel succes!
I’m a 2-way centre that likes to play in all situations, I wouldn’t say i’m flashy by any means but I enjoy contributing offensively.
I would say speed and hockey sense are my two biggest assets.  
I wanted to come to Belgium mostly because of the opportunity that Herentals is giving me to play on such a successful team.
It’s also nice to be able to come over with a friend who i’ve played with for a few years which made it appealing.


  Since deciding on Herentals i’ve become really excited to see around the country and experience the culture and see Belgium’s passion for sports. I’m also excited to hopefully go see some other countries that are close by. 
  • I want to win. It’s really as simple as that, I think just showing up to the rink everyday ready to learn from the coaching staff and other players, and hopefully help out some of the younger guys as well and being a close team who is successful.
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