Heylen vastgoed HYC

Herentals Ijshockey Club

Beste supporters. Vol spanning hebben jullie gewacht op nieuws van onze eerste ploeg. Vandaag is het eindelijk zo ver! We starten met de opvolger van Kevin en Arne. We zijn er zeker van dat we een topper in huis halen. Meet Andrew Masters, de Canadese goalie die ons doel gaat verdedigen. We vroegen hem waarom hij voor Heylen Vastgoed HYC koos en om zichzelf even aan jullie voor te stellen:

My goalie coach, Keaton Hartigan, played for HYC about 8 years ago. Because of this, HYC was one of the first European clubs that I became aware of, and I’ve heard nothing but great things in the years since. I’m really excited it worked out this season and can’t wait to join the club!

My career highlight was winning the 2020 OUA (Ontario University) Championship with the University of Guelph.

Apart from hockey, I’m a huge golf nut. Since I started my European career, I’ve also become more interested in travel, and I’ve taken the chance to see a lot of Europe over the last few years.

I feel that hockey sense and tracking are two strengths to my game. I’m also looking forward to playing in the unique arena HYC has.

I can’t wait to meet the fans and help the team make a run for Belgian Cup and the Beneliga!

Wij wensen Andrew heel veel succes!